Why me?


Young arrested people produce their own movie…

Project „Why me…?“ The youth penal institution (JVA) Herford and the Kultur & Art Initiative e.V. are working in collaboration on a multimedia project with the aim of violence prevention and integration of young convicts.

Young arrested men reclaim their past in film projects. Thereby the crucial question is: Different youths, similar story? The emerging films are presented to an assisted living of young people without arrest experience but criminal guises. Their exercise is to reflect their own past on the films of the detained youth to link their experiences. A desired effect is the recognition of similar stories between the young people.

At the beginning of the project there were workshops taking place in the JVA where the involved youth had a look at some short films and finally constructed their own storyboards. There upon they started shooting their films, mostly inside of the youth penal institution. Through this project the youths’ process of getting new views of life is raised. They get new ideas of what might happen in their future, by watching or directing their lifestories from another point of view. With a new build contemplation they can help other endangered youth to find the right way and prevent becoming a victim of crime.

In the end of the project there will be organized a public live performance on stage which contains theatre and the video clips, too.