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Kultur & Art Initiative e.V. (KAI)

The Kultur & Art Initiative e.V. (KAI), established in 2002, is a welcoming non-profit organization that brings together members of diverse backgrounds, spanning various nations and age groups. With expertise in youth, refugees, migration, non-formal education, and media production, our organization focuses on fostering social and intercultural integration.

KAI actively develops and executes art-based and cultural projects, aiming to collaborate with people of different ethnic origins. Our approach goes beyond passive cultural consumption, offering engaging opportunities such as creative projects, media educational workshops, and international youth exchanges. We proudly organize “Erasmus+” (E+) projects and contribute to youth policy and youth work development. Since 2005, we’ve been hosting the “International Short Film Festival Detmold” (ISFF), in collaboration with various partners including the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the city of Detmold, the Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe, and others. 

Located at the culture factory Hangar 21 in Detmold and in Antalya, our offices provide free extracurricular youth work opportunities, including media education advice, workshops, performances, and project support for those interested.

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Our idea is to come together and get to know each other. So, we work on ourselves, learn from each other, and understand each other to create together. You will meet people who are interested in personal growth, mental health, music, dance, art, and cinema. Every participant can bring their own unique talent to the program. We are richer thanks to diversity.

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Specializing in impactful video production, we excel at fostering collaboration among organizations, sharing project progress and insights through online platforms and social networks. Discover our videos at https://gyop.de/. Our KAI facilitators and youth leaders actively engage in international and national projects, involving both youth and adult education experts, with a focus on fostering entrepreneurship, promoting mobility, and facilitating direct connections to the labor market for young people. Collaborating with schools, we organize “culture and school” projects, alongside conducting creative initiatives and new media workshops on a national and international scale, particularly with refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants.


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