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Universal Access: Explore global short films in Detmold! We’re thrilled to host international filmmakers and artists, accompanied by video installations, concerts, and workshops. Embracing diverse cultures and ideas, the festival aims to provide a platform for cultural exchange. With the theme ‘Short Films for Everyone,’ the 20th ISFF Detmold ensures barrier-free film viewing and listening, featuring selected blocks with audio descriptions for the visually impaired and subtitles for the hearing impaired, fostering inclusive participation in art and culture.

ISFF Detmold

The ISFF Detmold celebrates top-notch films from innovative global filmmakers. With over 4,000 submissions from 125 countries annually, the festival spotlights non-commercial short films, including documentaries, animations, experiments, and features. Visit for ‘Short Films for Everyone’—enabling barrier-free film viewing and listening. As we gear up for the 20th edition in 2024, which will take place between 21.08.2024 – 24.08.2024, promising a captivating and diverse selection for our audience.