Recycling For Future – Local Workshop

Humanity produces an unbelievable amount of trash, which not just destroys nature, but also contains a lot of unused potential.
Recycling Projects are meaningful and therefor well respected. These are projects everyone can and should connect to, cause even small changes can show a huge difference to nature and human kind.
The Plan:
Bring people of all backgrounds and conditions (migration and or handicaped) together and let them taking care of the common topic environmental welfare and recycling.
Three main topics will be taken care of:
1. creating awareness
  •  to become aware of the nature itself and learn how to understand it’s needs
  •  identify your own foot print
  •  learn how to change your attitude
2. start acting
  • Recycling / upcycling as creative act
3. Get in contact
  • Working on a common project with people of different origin
Active citizenship is what will be promoted here.
Active citizenship means identifying oneself with the closer and the further surrounding, naturewise and peoplewise. Existing obstacles can be overcome, which leads to more appreciation and solidarity.
Addressed are young people in the age of 15 to 25 , especially youngsters with special needs of any kind and any origin.
*Planned are 10 events. The event dates will be announced soon. *