Aktion Mensch

As Germany’s largest private funding organisation, Aktion Mensch has for the past 46 years striven
to foster a society in which the notion of we and us is paramount. In cooperation with its member associations (Germany’s six biggest private welfare organisations and television broadcaster ZDF), it supports people with disabilities along with disadvantaged adults, teenagers, and children. 

Aktion Mensch supports over 1,000 projects in Germany run by independent charitable organisations every month. Its educational and information work fosters debate and encourages people to take up voluntary work. This is all funded by revenue from the Aktion Mensch lottery, which regularly attracts some 4.6 million players.

Aktion Mensch Funding

The association funds projects conducted by charitable/ non-pro t organisations. It does not support speci c individuals or public institutions.

Project Support

Aktion Mensch funds long-term investments, stand-alone projects and start-up aid for infrastructural development. Examples include consultation and drop-in centres, and vocational training.

Application Process

To receive support, a project must provide a solution to a compelling problem. Aktion Mensch member associations advise applicants on the requirements and their eligibility. Applications are submitted online at www.aktion-mensch.de/ antrag.