Street Theater Festival Izmir

The Civil Society Facility – EU – Turkey Intercultural Dialogue: Culture & Arts (ICD-CA)

“The Art Teaches The Life What It Needs” -Street Theater Festival Izmir

Izmir, Turkey
01 Oktober 2011 – 31 Dezember 2012

Street Theater Festival Izmir 2012

Es ist im Rahmen der Projekt „Volks Theater in der Türkei und der EU“ in Detmold, in Torino und izmir workshops durchgeführt und am Ende des Projekts „Eurepean Street Theater Festival izmir“ in izmir organisiert worden.

29 August – 9 September 2012

Carnege – France
Dynamogene – France
La Paranze Del Geco – Italy
Shodow XL – Germany
Tiyatroviya – Turkey
Tiyatroevi – Turkey
Arka Mahalle Kumpanyasi – Turkey
Meddah Prof. Dr. Nurhan Tekerek – Turkey

Projects may include promotion and transnational mobility of operators and their works, increasing knowledge and experience of professionals and developing their understanding in terms of contemporary and emerging professional issues and competencies, common cultural and artistic actions and works, awareness rising, promotion of exchange of knowledge and best practices in the field of art and culture and/or other relevant activities.
Türkiye ve AB ülkelerinde ‘Halk-Sokak Tiyatrosu’ temali proje cercevesinde, Detmold’ta, Torino’da ve izmir’de atölyeler ve proje finalinde Avrupa Sokak Tiyatrosu Festivali düzenlenmistir.