February 5, 2017

Stand Up for Human Rights From Knowledge to Advocacy

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Key Action 2 – Capacity-building in the Field of Youth

Implementation of training course focus on human rights, mechanism of human rights, human rights education

About the Project:

Main aim of the project is to respond on the needs of the partners coming from the Western Balkans (Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro) and Programme countries (Macedonia, Latvia, Turkey, Denmark, Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia) in area of human rights and advocacy for human rights and to support development of the capacities of the organizations to be able to effectively tackle challenges in human rights field, apply human rights instruments and raise awareness on human rights issues and mechanisms.

About the Beneficiary organization:

Organization for the Advancement of Alternative Programs – OAPA is an NGO based in Prizren, Kosovo and operates mainly in the Prizren and Prishtina region where numerous ethnicities lives: Albanians, Serbians, Turkish, Roma and Bosnians. OAPA it is mainly focused on youth issues covering almost all fields, but it is particularly involved in work with marginalized groups, minority communities. Main aim of OAPA is empower young people, marginalized groups and enable them to actively participate in community life. OAPA is running local projects focus on women empowerment, working with youth people on activism, developing their entrepreneur potential, empowering them as well as increasing their knowledge on their rights and possibilities through non-formal education and Erasmus + Programme based activities.

OAPA as applicant and host organization of both activities will be responsible for overall coordination of the project, communication with EACEA, partners and other stakeholders involved in the project. OAPA as hosting organization will be responsible for preparation of the activities together with involved partners, coordinating its implementation as dissemination of the project results and ensuring visibility of the project (in cooperation with local media and through social networks) activities that will be realized in Prizren and Prishtina. OAPA will be mainly involved in local activities and support, while evaluation, dissemination, activities itself, and final report will be done together with the involved partners, especially depending on their expertise on different fields.

For whole project OAPA will be represented by project coordinator that will be coordinating other members of the team, communicate with Team members -representatives of partner’s organizations and participants. In case of both mobility activities (training course and seminar) OAPA will ensure safe working environment, quality programme meeting the needs and interests of the participants and fulfilment of all requirements according the the Erasmus + rules and grant agreement that we will sign with EACEA.

Contact Person: Mirlinda Shigjeqi email:


Project entitle ‘Stand Up for Human Rights: From Knowledge to Advocacy’ is capacity building activity consisting from two mobility activities: two training courses. Both activities will be based on non-formal learning methodology respecting following learning principles: holistic approach, active participation, learner orientated. Adjustment of the methodology and content of the activities to participant’s needs and interests will be done in preparation period after gathering information from the application form that each participant will be asked to fill in. Methodology and techniques will be chosen with aim to support learning process of the participants and meeting set project objectives described in following part of the project application.

One of the aim of the project is raise competencies of the participants to use online learning, digital tools and visualization for developing competencies and raising awareness on human rights issues thus part of the activities will also base on methodology based on active using digital tools and visualization to create as many possibilities as possible to strengthen participant’s interests in these tools. Moreover, the project also aims to provide the participants an opportunity to experience way of creating online learning programs and will include elements of online learning that will be implemented during both training courses.

Concretely, the project is designed in line with following objectives: 

● To strengthen participant’s knowledge on human rights, mechanisms of protection of human rights, conflict between human rights, human rights education and advocacy for human rights;

● To increase competencies of participants and participating organizations to address violations of human rights and raise awareness of citizens, especially of young people, on importance of protection of human rights;

● To raise participant’s abilities to use online learning, digital tools and visualization in their work practices;

● To develop competencies of participants and participating organizations to realized effective and successful human rights campaigns;

● To support creating new human rights campaigns tackling actual an issues in participating countries;

● To develop participant’s competencies in area of teamwork, communication, leadership and presentation;

● To provide the participants an opportunity to increase their knowledge of Erasmus + Programme and work on new projects ideas aiming to develop competencies of other stakeholders in area of human rights;

To provide the participants and their organizations an opportunity for networking and creating new partnerships leading to development new local and international projects fighting violation of human rights and raising awareness of citizens on human rights issues across Europe.


Prizren and Prishtina, Kosovo (http://kosovoguide.com/)

Project Timeline

Project starting date is 01 January 2017 and is ending on 1 October 2017, with total duration of 10 months.


1. January – March 2017 – Preparation period

2. Training Course on Human Rights

in Prishtina, Kosovo, 23.4. – 30.4. 2017 

Implementation of training course focus on human rights, mechanism of human rights, human rights education

3. May – June 2017 Online Learning Period between Two Activities

4. Training Course Human Rights

in Prizren, Kosovo 10.7. – 16.7. 2017 

Implementation of training course focus on advocacy for human rights and using digital tools and visualization in the process of raising awareness on human rights issues

5. July – October 2017 Follow Up and Dissemination Phase

Certification: All participants will get Youth Pass certificate.



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