Positive Actors

19-27 OF MAY 2014

The project’s main objective will be to let participant understand the importance of a democratic growth where all the part of the society are involved despite differences. A special attention will be given to the role of the young migrants in the society.

To let the participant understand the issue, the project will focus on the negative power of stereotypes as cause of social exclusion of young migrants; in addition, they will take part in non formal education activity in order to let know deeply the conditions of young migrants in Europe. Participants will design and produce a resume of their work under a creative form such as videos, photos or any other form and then they will make the final work public in order to stimulate their participation to the project and the society.

  • -To raise awarness on cultural diversity

  • -To engage in direct personal dialogue aimed at overcoming stereotypes

  • – To further develop an attitude of respect and skills how to deal with diversity

  • – To find common ethical and religious values that are based on peace and that are aimed at overcoming religiously motivated violence

  • -To promote better understanding of each other

  • -To raise awarness about EU citizenship

There will be used non formal methods of learning: workshops, brainstorming, facilitated discussions, problem solving initiatives, guided visualizations, creative writing exercises and simulations, then individual, team work and group tasks, evaluation questionnaire and learning points, practical activities, exchange of knowledge and experience.