Let’s get work

Youth Exchange in Diyarbakır

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Youth Exchange “Let’s get work” will gather 49 young people and group leaders from different organizations based in EU, EFTA, and Turkey with the aim to tackle the issue of Youth Unemployment. Intermezzo Ungdom is applicant organization and Ucarli Genclik Dernegi is host organization. Youth Exchange will take place in Diyarbakir, Turkey from 28th September to 6th Oktober 2013 and will last 9 days (including arrival and departure). Participants are from Programme countries; Norway, Turkey, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Croatia). The main aim of the exchange is to tackle youth unemployment problem, inform, motivate and enable young people to work on the topic in their countries as well as equip them with experience, knowledge and skills to easily involve in labor market. The project targets young unemployed people who want to start working and find a job.

The main objectives of the exchange are:
– to reflect on unemployment situation of youth in Europe.
– to give an opportunity to young people to share their good and bad experiences in looking for a job,
– to promote youth’s involvement in voluntary work,
– to encourage the creation of future projects within Youth in Action Programme, which will target unemployed youngsters.

During 9 working days young people from different countries will share opinions and ideas on unemployment and will be involved in various activities. They will learn CV and Motivation Letter writing techniques, Hints to pass a Job Interview, Working with E-Job Databases, how to use Volunteerism as a way to the labor market, what is YouthPass, how to get a Europass Language Passport, how to work with career centers, etc.

Through creative games, exercise and non formal tools we will stimulate young people’s spirit of initiative, creativity, entrepreneurship and employability through practical and theoretical inputs from participants and group leaders from participant countries. After coming back home, participants will be responsible to transfer their knowledge to young people involved in their organizations or young people from local schools/ universities.