Promotion of the Civil Society Dialogue Between EU and Turkey Youth Initiatives for Dialogue…

Objectives of the action:
Overall objective(s) Increasing contacts and mutual understanding between youth initiatives in Republic of Turkey and in EU member states and candidate countries; Specific objective(s)
1.To improve the tolerance among different cultures with establishing sustainable and parmanent relations and dialogs between youth groups in Çi?li and Detmold
2.Along with creative drama works(themes like identity, strangeness, belonging, Europeanness, rules-irregularness, prejeduce, tolerance – intolerance) directed for young girls, to create and awareness with widening their society-perception.

Detmold - Izmir Project

Partner(s) & Legal Status:
Kultur & Art Initiative & Cigli Municipality, Izmir, Municipal Authority

Target group:
The young girls living in Detmold and Cigli between 16 and 21 ages.

Estimated results:
1.To improve an awareness regarding issues such as adaption, estrangement and understanding the other, of the young girls that are living in Izmir but came from other cities, and young girls living in Detmold particularly with foreign origins.
2.To improve self-expression abilities of these young girls, to make them contribute to the social entegration process, and to stress the individual/social worth of the cultural variety they obtain.
3.To reduce the negative prejeduces about themselves in the society they exist, and to develop the intercultural tolerance.

Main activities:
1.To establish the project team
2.To make the media promotion explaining the Project and the EU support and to prepare and deliver introducer brochures/posters.
3.To start the creative drama works with the participants.
4.To make mutual visits.
5.To make dramatizations in both countries with the observations about the other country.
6.To realize common Drama works and to stage the performance.
7.To prepare and announce the final raport of the project, Conference on the project issue

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