Achieve Tolerance


Youth Exchange

6-14. July 2016

Detmold, Germany.

The youth exchange “Achieve Tolerance” will take place from 6-14 of July 2016 in Detmold, Germany. The idea is to bring together 54 participants in total, included leaders from Germany, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic) in order to meet the following objectives of the project:

1. to exchange informal learning and enrich cultural perspective through the art, dance and music;
2. to share the best practices in tackling cultural difference, integration and inclusion in youth work and intolerance;

3. to involve people with fewer opportunities to take part in alternative methods of learning which will give them a chance to discover new cultures, habits and life-styles, mainly through peer-learning;

4. to strengthen values like solidarity, democracy, friendship, etc between different nations;

5. to learn more about the ways how different concepts of citizenship impact upon youngster’s life across Europe through various alternative methods as are Art, music and dancing;

6. to maintain and to improve the physical condition, as well as, the quality of movement to perform daily activities;

7. to encourage Youth Exchange and cooperation between young people from different countries;

We want to carry out this project because intolerance is a focal point in every country’ s life that increases crime rate, racism, Nazism, hate and so on and so forth. Tolerance is in the base of communication, solidarity and democracy among people in the world. Many practices have been already presented but we believe that among all, one is very participative, uniting and reaching our objectives: presenting our cultures through dance, music and Art and thus establish tolerance among people.

The project will focus on young people at the age of 18-30 years old who want to hear other people’s experience in intolerance and want to participate in activities which are illustrating intolerance, promoting tolerance and solving general conflicts which lead to intolerance among people. They will get to know aspects of dance, culture, national identity, social inclusion, life long learning and other in the process of work. The need of them will be to address different practices of dealing with intolerance (for instance through dance, Art and music). Throughout the week every participant will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and, in doing so, get in touch with different cultures and ways of living. Dance, Art and music will be used as a main way of contact and communication between the youngsters.

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