SouL ReCorD

SouL ReCorD

Date: 25.08.2023


SouL ReCorD project aims to tackle the cyberbullism phenomenon among teens and wants to spread a digital culture based on a sound leadership through a correct communication and the respect among people.


  • To raise the awareness about cyberbullism paying special attention
    on the most recent technical and social trends among teens, even
    under the covid pandemic effects.
  • To develop new skills to tackle cyberbullism among teens to offer
    to the teenagers community efficient models to prevent, identify and
    protect from the phenomenon.
  • To promote a model of digital communication based on a code of
    respect and care of people and on a sound leadership.


  • Transnational training course addressed to professionals working with teens in several different structured in 4 modules: Cyberbullism
    2020-25; Contrasting Cyberbullism; Digital Comunication – Golden
    Rules; Sound Leadership Models in Digital Communication.
  • A programme of local workshops for teens
  • 4 multilanguage brochures
  • Digital storytellings “sound leadership” implemented with professionals and teens
  • No- cyberbullism logo with a QR code to be published on any communication channel.

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