ŋusẽ “celebrating peace and strength to fight injustice“

Dates: 05.05.2024 – 19.05.2024
Location: Bielefeld/Berlin, Germany
Type of the project: Youth Exchange


In a world characterized by injustice, unequal opportunities, and racism, we are embarking on a journey under a theme that inspires ŋusẽ (strength) to call for justice and empower young Black dancers in both Germany and Ghana.

Our Mission

Through this project, we create a platform to meet in person and understand each other’s realities. What are the respective challenges faced by Black dancers in both countries? How can we collaborate sustainably in the future, supporting, inspiring, and learning from each other?

Our team leaders are professionals in the fields of art, dance, and theater. They guide our participants through workshops, field trips, and a dance theater piece exploring questions like: Who am I really? How can I strengthen my personality to positively influence our society and break down social structures for more peace and equal opportunities?

With this project, we aim to unite young people, emphasize the values of justice and peace, and strengthen their individual identities. We delve into Ghanaian culture and colonial history, aiming to build sustainable structures between the two countries and create more opportunities for young Black dancers.

How We Proceed

We are developing this project in collaboration with Dance 4 Change GH (I am Azonto) from Accra, Ghana. This project is realized within the program line called Teams Up!, supported by the African-German Youth Office run by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL, with funds from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

First Encounter

January 2024 in Ghana (16 days). Participants immersed themselves in different cultures, explored historical backgrounds, and deepened their understanding of the dances.

Second Encounter

May 2024 in Germany (16 days). The Ghanaian group will meet the German group again in Bielefeld and Berlin, Germany, continuing the exchange and exploring questions about German culture and the celebration of Black cultures in Germany.

The Dance Theater Show “ŋusẽ”

“ŋusẽ” is an exhilarating dance production that unites Ghanaian and German dancers in a mesmerizing fusion of movement and storytelling. Ten unique artists explored the significance of peace and justice in an intense cultural exchange, proudly presenting “ŋusẽ” – which means “strength” in Ewe. In “ŋusẽ,” audiences witness an inspiring fusion of cultures and perspectives as Ghanaian and German dancers come together, each bringing their own experiences and realities to the stage. This beautiful collaboration highlights the universal language of dance, transcending borders and connecting people from different backgrounds.

At the heart of “ŋusẽ” is the celebration of the Afro-diasporan experience, a journey that bonds dancers and audience members alike in a shared cultural heritage. By reconnecting to the roots of dance, the performance not only entertains but also educates, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for diverse traditions. In addition to its artistic brilliance, “ŋusẽ” also serves as a platform for healing and empowerment. Through embodiment, dancers and viewers alike find solace and strength, transcending personal traumas and collective struggles.