Dates: 01.11.2022 – 08.11.2022
Location: Kemer, Antalya, Turkey
Number of participants: 32
Type of the project: Mobility of Youth Workers


Project Context

K.N.O.W. is about raising awareness among youth workers about our common
history and values, mutually understanding our different perspectives and
reinforcing the sense of belonging to the European family we live in. Our European
cultural heritage is actually the result of the joint contributions of many different
cultures. This European heritage has been built over a long period of time filtered
from the past. The project will promote intercultural understanding among the
participants and support diversity in Europe as a resource culturally, historically and
economically. Through the various events, participants will realize the need for a
common Europe and to use a common language to facilitate communication.



•To promote cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and social cohesion;
•Emphasizing the economic contribution of cultural heritage to the cultural and creative
sectors locally and to local and regional development;
•To emphasize the role of cultural heritage in European cultural diplomacy;
•Underlining the importance of preserving our common cultural heritage;
•Deepening the link between young people and the European Cultural heritage;
•To raise the awareness of European citizens of Europe’s wealth and cultural diversity;
•Creating a climate in which appreciation of the richness and mosaics of European cultures
is encouraged
•Strengthen the feeling of sharing the same identity among European youth workers;
•Promote racism and xenophobia and greater tolerance in Europe and beyond national


The Erasmus+is the EU’s programme to support education,training, youth and sports in Europe. Its budget of €14.7
billion will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, and gain experience abroad.
This training course is targeted at youth workers and youth leaders (active members of organizations, communities who work with young
people & are involved in activities carried out by sending organizations). Ideally, participants should be in a position of daily working with
youngsters. It is not a must to be a full active member of the sending organization as the youth workers may come from the community youth
centers or local schools & institutions of partner organizations.


Partner and Travel Reimbursement Limit

LIDOSK Turkey | 4 participants – 20EUR / participant

ASOCIATIA ALLONS-Y Romania | 4 participants – 275EUR / participant


ΜΗ ΚΕΡΔΟΣΚΟΠΙΚΗ ΕΤΑΙΡΕΙΑ Greece | 4 participants – 275EUR / participant

YOUTH SENATE BULGARIA Bulgaria | 4 participants – 275EUR / participant

ASSOCIATION OF INTERCULTURAL MEDIATORS NETWORK Italy | 4 participants – 275EUR / participant


AAR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION(ASDA) RY Finland | 4 participants – 360EUR / participant

KULTUR & ART INITIATIVE EV Germany | 4 participants – 360EUR / participant




We are seeking for 4 participants from each country with the following profile:
IMPORTANT comment for Sending Organisation:
During the selection process give attention to choose 2 male, 2 female participants to ensure the gender balance

•Completed two doses of vaccination minimum 14 days before arrival;
•Youth workers, youth leaders, activists on the European level involved in
everyday work with young people;
•Interested in the topic of cultural heritage, intercultural understanding,
youth impact, empowering others,
•Open to learn and implement new collaborative digital tools that can be
used in their daily work;
•Motivated to develop their personal and professional competencies in an
international environment (to improve their skills in communication,
teamwork, problem-solving, presentation, facilitation, and conflict
•Willing to participate actively and share knowledge, expertise, and positive
energy with the other participants

Group And Forms

Please join our Facebook group if you are the group leader, participant or
partners. If you are not selected please do not join!

Facebook group : www.facebook.com/groups/1035400350702897

Application Form: https://l24.im/nOslBH

All the participants and the group leaders should fill out this registration form as soon as they
buy their flight tickets. The deadline for buying the flight tickets and final submission of this
form is on the 15th of October 2022, 23.59 Central European Time.

After all the participants join the Facebook group and submit the registration form we will create a
Whatsapp group. Please follow each of our updates on facebook groups


Interkultural Evening

During a special evening, we will share characteristics from our culture. We ask
you to bring foods and alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks and magnets to share! You
can also think of some other things to share with the group from your culture:
stories, dances/songs, etc. Please do not make only PowerPoint presentations or
country promotion videos, as it would be best if you can share something in your
own words and with physical examples if you can. By the way, presenting
something from your culture does not mean it has to be something about only
the country itself: it can also be from a specific region or a city, etc.
As we are trying to collect special and different magnets from each city and
country to make an international wall we would like to have one magnet from
your hometown as well. We would like to see your impact on our organization to
remember you through your magnet.

About Turkey

Turkey, a country that occupies a unique geographic position, lying partly in
Asia and partly in Europe. Throughout its history, it has acted as both a barrier
and a bridge between the two continents. Turkey is larger than some European
travel countries such as Italy, France, Germany, and the UK. Turkey offers a
wealth of destination varieties to travelers: from dome-and-minaret filled
skyline of Istanbul to Roman ruins along the western and southern coasts, from
heavily indented coastline against a mountainous backdrop of Lycia and wide
and sunny beaches of Pamphylia to cold and snowy mountains of the East, from
crazy “foam parties” of Bodrum to Middle Eastern-flavoured cities of
Southeastern Anatolia, from verdant misty mountains of Eastern Black Sea to
wide steppe landscapes of Central Anatolia, there is something for everyone’s

About Antalya

The westerly region of Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline is especially popular. There are
abundance of beach kinds such as Rocky, sandy beaches as well as pebbly beaches
especially around the Konyaalti Bay. With a particularly diverse landscape, it is actually
quite feasible to enjoy a morning swim, and then head to the Taurus Mountains for a
spot of skiing in the afternoon at the neighbouring resort of Davras.
Antalya’s historical Old Town area known as Kaleici. It offers beautiful harbour views
and is surrounded by medieval fortified walls, which date back before both the Roman
and Byzantine periods and have been restored many times. Currently it is the fastest
growing city in Turkey. Besides, Antalya enjoys an idyllic climate for a good deal of the
year and much tourism.
Weather: The climate in Antalya is warm and temperate. The winter months
are also sunny most of the time. However it is also rainy and the rains are so
dense in winter times.
Health & safety: Tap water is drinkable. Besides, Antalya is very safe to visit,
with a low crime rate and and high safe index.

Travel Info

•Travel days are the 1st of November (arrival) and the 8th of November (departure). During the arrival and departure days, the participants are free to explore the
city. We suggest you travel by Antalya International Airport (AYT)

•You are allowed to spend 2 days more in Turkey before OR after the training course. However please note that the expenses before and after the training course
are your own responsibility and the organizers are not responsible for reimbursing the travel tickets, accommodation, and meals for the extra days.

•The organizers will not provide transfers from the airport to the hotel. You will be responsible for reaching the project venue. (Please see more information
about how to reach the project venue with public transportation at pages number 16 and 18).

•Important Note: According to the Erasmus+ rules only the reasonably cheapest tickets can be reimbursed. Likewise, as only public transportation tickets will be
reimbursed, taxi costs are not included in the budget.

•The transportation in Antalya stops from midnight (00.00) until morning (05.00). Please plan your arrival and departure accordingly!

It is very important to keep all the tickets and boarding passes and make a copy or photo of them! We need it for reimbursement.
We are going to refund your travel costs according to the limit of your country, based on the InforEuro exchange rate valid in the month of purchasing the tickets.


Kemer Uygulama Oteli


Located on the center of Kemer, Antalya.
The hotel has its own pool and you can reach the beach by walking from the Hotel.
The hotel has a garden and a terrace where you can have a pleasant time.
There is free wifi available in the hotel.
Three meals and coffee breaks are also available at the hotel