September 22, 2016

Hermann 2009

Mythos 2009

Herman the German – the Arminius Myth 

Through the international meeting in Detmold with participants from different youth organizations the adolescents was given the possibility to experience the similarities and differences of their own society. Further we tried to make the participants deal thoroughly with their varied cultural and traditional roots and with a modern Europe.

2009 Detmold will celebrate the 2000th anniversary of the “Germanic” victory over three Roman legions, which had an overall effect for the history of Europe.

“Herman” / “Arminius” was the German leader, who became a legend. Being the son of a Cheruskan chief he had been trained as a soldier by the Romans and lead a resistance against Roman Rule resulting in the defeat 9 AD. History only tells us his Roman name – Arminius.

The German name was introduced later in the middle ages, but it is not authentic. Roman propaganda guaranteed the barbarians were seen as wild, ignorant savages and the truth about their cultures and histories were hidden. In fact the word barbarian only means “from beyond the border”.

What we want

In German history this myth was used in positive but also in negative ways. During the 2000th anniversary programme we don’t want to celebrate a battle. We want to celebrate the idea of “Arminius” as a myth, which stands for liberation and change. A lot of questions about “Arminius” are still unanswered.

Therefore we would like;
to use our fantasy
to answer our own questions,
to create our own myths,
to tell our own stories.

Take a look at common traditional myths in your town.
What kind of place do you think you come from?
Can you make your own choice, where are the modern tribes?
Join us in Detmold in 2009 and help create a joint future together.

Opportunities & challenges

We want to encourage young people, youth groups from schools, universities or other youth organisations to work creatively with the theme “modern tribes”. We want to encourage creative exchange with young people and wish professional artists from your local area to be involved as group leaders. There will be a professional site specific large scale performance with the broad theme of creating “myth”. It will include a parade of all the international partner guest groups in the centre of the city of Detmold at the weekend of the 24th to the 26th of July 2009. If you are such a group or working to create a group who would be interested in participating we need to hear from you.

Every participating group can create their own ideas about modern tribes. We want the “makers” to communicate, exchange and create together. Groups who want to participate in the parade should have working knowledge of:

  • field of video and short film
  • visual arts / design
  • LinieK Detmold
  • dance and/or
  • theatre / street theatre / acrobatics / circus skills and/or
  • music.

Alternative activity is welcome in music, dance or performance. Percussion groups are welcome!

During the Detmold programme you will work with a team from Shademakers, the theatre group “The Lunatics” from the Netherlands and their director Koos Hogeweg. There will be musicians from the music network “Linie K”, who cooperate with the University for Music in Detmold (Music Direction Prof. Oliver Groenewald).

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