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“Get Your Own Picture” is an intercultural youth exchange that allows the participants to make their own short films on the subject of “Between Reality and Truth.”

We have already carried out this project in countless variations with several partners and countries in the past. Now we want to show that we can make films together while staying at home.

After getting to know each other, the theoretical basics will be explained. Experienced filmmakers will guide us in practical online workshops that focus primarily on film-production with simple technical equipment, e.g., smartphones and collaborative tools for digital cooperation.

The participants will then be divided into small international groups and make their own films after developing the ideas and the story of the film together. We have to reach milestones we mutually agree on and ensure that at least 2 actors from both countries play in each film.

The project can be carried out in small local groups on-site or as a “stay at home” project. The meetings will take place mostly in the evening or on weekends to reach as many potential participants as possible.

Countries:           Germany and Turkey
Date:                      November 13th – December 6th, 2020 – The group will select individual meetings.
Kickoff:                 November 13th 16:00 (German time) [18:00 Turkish time]
Participants:      28

If you would like to know more information or would like to comment on the above project, please contact us:

Who are the instructors?
Kultur & Art Initiative e.V.
We are open-minded organizations from Germany. We have many ideas and experience in managing youth projects/work camps, and we have experienced members, in cooperation with other project partners. We are capable of implementing a successful project.

Who can apply for the workshop?
The workshop is aimed at young people between 18-27 years old.

How do I apply for the workshop?
Applicants should complete and submit the application form. The deadline for the application is November, 12th.

The main aim of the workshop?
The main aim is to give them an understanding of films as a medium for expressing opinion and participation. They will deal with the differences and similarities between the cultures and will go into detail with the youth’s interests. Participants will become aware of their shared historical roots and can experience interculturalism.

What are the basic elements of the activity?

Get to know each other,
Trust and team-building exercises, including sharing experiences,
Acquiring theoretical input,
Workshops- Sound, Camera, Editing, etc.
Experiencing intercultural learning,
Movie evening,
learning to work with audiovisual technology- shoot and cut videos.

The aim and objectives of our YE are in line with the general objectives of Deutsch-Türkische Jugendbrücke in improving the competencies and skills of young people. Within this context, the YE will be carried out with the active participation of young people. It is planned with young people taking into account their interests and needs.

Participants’ profile
The participants’ age will be between 18 and 27 years. We will have participants with fewer opportunities. Every country will send 12 participants.

How can I improve myself during the workshop?
The workshop is a safe, playful, and educational environment where youth develop deeper self-expression and self-awareness.

What does it cost to attend the workshop? And what do I need?
Participating in the workshop is free. To join the workshop, you only need a mobile device with a camera (preferred laptop or computer) with an internet connection and headphones.