Long Term ESC Volunteers

Long Term ESC Volunteers

Period: 2 to 12 Months
Location: Detmold, Germany
Type of the project: European Solidarity Corps


“Creativity Link Up” is an enriching 12-day program taking place from October 6th to October 17th, 2023, in the beautiful locale of Antalya, Turkey. This initiative aims to gather 50 young individuals from various parts of Europe to engage in a transformative experience centered around personal growth, mental health, music, dance, art, and cinema. It is designed not only to be a meeting ground for like-minded creatives but also a space where each participant contributes their unique talents, fostering a culture of diversity and collaboration.


  • Volunteers selected for our European Solidarity Corps (ESC) project will play a vital role in enhancing our association’s
    youth-oriented initiatives. Through their active involvement, they will contribute to the efficiency of our programs, adding an international dimension to our work and attracting a broader youth.
  • By engaging more young people in our activities, our sphere of influence will expand, ultimately elevating the quality of
    services provided to the youth and enhancing the institutional capacity of our association.
  • Our ESC volunteers will dedicate five days a week to participating in various activities within our association. Aligned with the project’s proposed program of approximately 35 hours, these volunteers will leverage their knowledge and skills to actively
    support our initiatives.


Young people aged between 18 and 30 are eligible to submit their applications


Accommodation is not covered, volunteers, with the support of our organization, will arrange and cover their lodging using the monthly allowance provided to ESC volunteers. We advise you to refer to the following website for information
on accommodation by accessing the next link. Monthly allowance per volunteer:

+ 180,- Euro Pocket Money
+ 300,- Euro Food Budget
+ 370,- Euro Accommodation
+ Public transport ticket/pass
+ Traveling costs
+ Insurance
+ Online Language Course

Travel Costs covered by Erasmus+ grant:
Each volunteer will receive the quantity according to the distance from the origin country to Detmold, Germany:
For travel distances between 500 and 1999 km: 275,- € max. travel costs
For travel distances between 2000 and 2999 km: 360,- € max. travel costs.

Participants applying for this project should be:

We are in search of participants willing to actively participate and contribute to the smooth execution of the event. Therefore, we are seeking volunteers with diverse skills, including proficiency in digital areas such as graphic design, website design, and social media, as well as advanced communication skills.

We are looking for open-minded individuals, particularly enthusiastic young people, who can bring vitality to our team. We require a high level of determination and proactive involvement. Whether your strengths lie in social skills or technical expertise, we provide a platform for your fulfillment.

English level (min. B2)
• Beneficial: German level (B1)


Detmold, situated in the heart of Germany, is a captivating city that combines modernity with tranquility. Nestled in the scenic landscapes of the North Rhine-Westphalia region, Detmold boasts
a rich cultural heritage and is known for its distinctive

The city, with its low population growth and commitment to preserving its historical and cultural treasures, provides a peaceful and welcoming environment. Surrounded by picturesque mountains and plains, Detmold offers a unique blend of natural beauty and urban charm. As a city where economic development is closely tied to tourism, Detmold ensures the conservation of its natural, cultural, and historical assets. With a variety of attractions, accommodations, and dining options, Detmold has something to offer to residents and visitors alike, making it a city that cherishes its past for a vibrant future.


Kultur & Art Initiative e.V.
We are an open-minded organization from Germany that has a lot of ideas and experience in managing youth projects / work camps and it has experienced members, in cooperation with other project partners.
We are capable of implementing a successful project.


Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education,training, youth and sports in Europe. Its budget of €14.7 billion will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, and gain experience abroad.