August 31, 2016

About us

The Kultur & Art Initiative develops and implements art and culture projects. Kultur & Art Initiative was established in 2002 and is an intercultural and intergenerational non-profit association with members from different nations, age groups and with different careers who have got work experiences in media production, education and media education for many years.

We have been organising the International Short Film Festival Detmold since 2005

Our aim is to produce projects with people from different origins. Our concept is based on the contents of social and intercultural integration. We are intended for using active cultural participation to work against the passive cultural consumption. That is why we offer creative and project-orientated opportunities to the participants of our events. We also offer media education workshops and international youth exchanges to young people. In this context, we arrange “youth in action” projects together with the EU.

Our office is in Detmold, by the culture factory Hangar 21 in Detmold and in Antalya.

In the last years, Kultur und Art Initiative e.V. has implemented more than 50 projects in the framework of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme and many different EU projects as Promotion of the Civil Society Dialogue Between EU and Turkey, Civil Society Facility EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue Culture and Arts (ICD-CA) or Youth Initiatives for Dialogue. We have gained valuable experiences and knowledge from many different projects and EU youth exchanges & training courses abroad. Moreover, we have developed strong experience, knowledge and skills in the Educational and European field where we are constantly updated about the European Union policies and programs to act as a multiplier. In this way, we developed the capacity to manage, host and implement another ambitious and complex training.

We are strengthening our competences in fostering local wellbeing through formal and non-formal education helping local grassroots organizations and to create a link with the European level, starting a fruitful cooperation both with EU and extra EU Countries. We are developing also the competences in working with grassroots level organizations to strengthen their skills to lead an important role in the present and future of the local community in connections with others at European level.

This is one of the projects in which have experienced that the production of videos related to the activities is a very effective tool to foster cooperation and exchange among the organizations involved, because they can communicate and share their products also through the online platform and social network, to be updated about project progress and gain new inputs.

Kultur und Art Initiative e.V. facilitators and trainers are involved also in the events of the international and national projects where participants are also adults and expert in education. We want to realize concrete actions for young people developing entrepreneurship, promoting mobility and training and helping them to have direct contact with the labour market and the placement sectors, e.g organizing workshops on how to valorize, develop and mobilize their competences.

But we are doing also creative projects and new media workshops with refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants national and international level. Our ongoing project now is language courses for the refugees from Syria, Eritrea, and Afghanistan. We work together with many schools and arrange “culture and school” projects. We organized Turkish Film Weeks in Detmold.

We cooperate with North Rhine-Westphalia, the culture team of City of Detmold, LWL, Federal Foreign Office, the Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe, the Hochschule für Musik Detmold, Linie K, local radio communication and television and some local associations. Our association provides offers for extracurricular youth work, including media educational advice, workshops, performances, support doing projects and getting ideas. The offers are at no charge and are suitable for everyone who is interested.


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