September 22, 2016

The Voice of Romans

Active European Citizenship

Youth Exchange


The project will involve 20 participants and 4 leaders from 4 countries it means 5 Participants and 1 group leader from each country

Turkey, Italy, Estonia and Germany

By the means of ‘’Active European Citizenship’’ project, our participant will break the borders and prejudices. Joint Learnings, creative response, self-confidence,negotiation, and expansion of different perspectives will be provided, prejudices will be demolished and will be aimed youth to get closer within the context of generally universial values and specifically European values by using non-formal learning methods, we will try to build bridges of friendship among our guests and participants. We will help to prevent racism and racism like behaviours and toughts among the participants so that all of us will get the idea of Active European Citizenship.

”Active European Citizenship” is a youth project which is thought to include tens of youngs and build better dialogues,platforms among national and international communities is going to be held in our cute city Batman.Youngs from different countries of Europe and different cultures, who have different knowledge but at the same time, who have similiar expectations about future will merge within the activities and workshops and will aware of how to be an active european in additon to tolerance and understanding. Morever, they will learn the term of ” Active European Citizenship ” and how to be an open-minded human and how to be a citizen of Europe more than being a citizen of one country or community after join to our Project.

All these values are going to be realized during the activities in our 8-day project and workshops such as; poetry, theatre, conferences, local dances, meetings, sketches about entrepreneurs, brave and active people from real life will be done by our participants from our partner countries; Germany, Estonia and Italy and 24 youngs from Turkey and from our partner countries will join our project and youngs who culturally, socially and morally disadvantaged, especially will be prioritized to join to the project. So that, there will be new chances for them for being new entrepreneurs,an active european citizenship in social,educational and culture lifes. They will not only learn but also teach and share. They will learn while teaching and sharing.

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